Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back to school

It was great to get back to school today. I really missed seeing my little tatting buddies yesterday!

Paige has been working on her rings and chains. She chose a flamingo as her prize.

At lunch recess, I get quite a few kids in to rewind shuttles and bobbins, choose prizes, and get extra help. On Wednesday and Thursday, third graders get to stay until their library time, giving them up to 30 minutes of tatting time. They love it!

Brooke patiently tatted two three-inch lengths to earn this tatted lion. A really tight knot in her thread kept her from having a continuous length of chain.

After finishing their keyboarding lesson for the day and checking out books, the kids started tatting. I think it is wonderful that they help each other!

 They sit at tables.

They sit in bean bags.

They talk and laugh.

They even let me take their pictures! I wonder if we could all get in trouble for having too much fun at school?

I managed to finish two more pattern repeats on round 3 of Labor no 10. Wouldn't it be great if I could finish rounds 4 and 5 this weekend?


  1. Paige is doing a wonderful job on her rings and chains....way to go!

  2. The atmosphere in that school must be awesome!! I am thinking I might have actually liked school had I been there now!! :)
    Your doily is looking fantastic!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the wonderful tatters at school. What a wonderful legacy you are creating that will last their lifetimes, even if they don't continue, they may comeback to it at some future time. Or pick another craft because of you.

    Your doily looks nice, I know you are using Twirlz thread, it looks heathery on the computer. I was unsure of the twirlz when I first saw them, I might change my mind about them after seeing your doily.

  4. These are amazing pictures, and I'm actually getting goosebumps looking at them! Their enthusiasm just jumps off the screen! I am in awe of Paige's progress! She's doing great! You deserve so much credit for your dedication and inspiration! And it's been fun following along! Made my day today!

    Have they seen your doily? It looks great - and on the screen it looks shimmery!

  5. I love the idea of having too much fun at school! I agree with Ladytats, you're creating a wonderful legacy.

  6. I think several years down the road all these kiddies are going to say how blessed they were to have such a wonderful teacher in their lives!
    Love your doily!!

  7. Gorgeous doily. I really like that Twirlz!

    I am impressed with the rings and chains. She's getting there!

  8. I echo all of the above comments! It must be so fun to look around you and see lots of young ones enjoying our craft. What a confidence builder for them. When they are out tatting in public they will get the chance to share something very special. Kudos, Diane!

  9. Paige seems to be getting quite advanced. She must be an inspiration to the other kids! It sounds like tatting time is a reward for finishing all their "have to do" stuff, which I think is awesome!

    Your doily looks great, too. The more of it I see, the more I'm liking the Twirlz.

  10. Yes! You are having wayyyyy to much fun at work!!! LOL What a blessing to enjoy what you love to do and get paid for it. Love seeing the kids tat. Your doily looks great!

  11. It must be wonderful to be in the midst of so many enthusiastic tatters! Do you have special plans for them for International Tatting Day, April 1?
    The doily is looking great.

  12. I just love seeing the younger generations learning this old art! Thanks for sharing! You've made me wanna get my tatting back out!

  13. Dear LLL, how did you manage to get these children soo motivated? Why do THEY think tatting is cool? What a great teacher you are?

  14. This is what school should and learning and kids interacting. I think I am St. Patrick's Day Green with envy over these kids learning to tat. So very sweet...


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