Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back to work

I shouldn't call it work. I truly believe I have the best job in the school district, and it's so much fun!

I don't have lots of pictures today, because I was once again caught up in the frenzy of tatting that has overtaken our third, fourth, and fifth grad students!

I ordered more Sunlit shuttles, because the kids were so excited about the variety of colors. Unfortunately, I goofed and ordered Moonlit shuttles. Not to worry... the kids were so excited to see slightly larger shuttles with a built-in crochet hook!

Grace told me that when she and her mom went to work on blankets for the needy, the ladies of the group gave her a box of 30 balls of thread, all because they knew she was learning how to tat!

I only managed to take pictures of two fifth graders today.

Jaden has been working on chains. Her next step is to perfect her stitches. I was very pleased that she chose a motif that I tatted! She asked what the card was that I included. Aha! I explained that it had my blog address... another opportunity  to introduce blogging tatters to my students!

Karl told me that he loves tatting. His sister is in third grade, and she was one of the first to join my "little" group! Karl chose a bookworm tatted by my friend Denise.

Third graders are starting a new project in library today. They will be writing books that they will share with first graders. I wonder if any of them will write about tatting? ;-)


  1. I am sure they will, what they are doing is unique and draws attention to them!

  2. I bet they will, what a wonderful school you have with all grades joining to teach each other.

  3. This makes me so happy! What a wonderful legacy you are giving those kids!

    I would like to make a few motifs for your reward box. What are the most popular, and what do the boys usually choose? It's hard to find non-feminine tatting patterns!

  4. This is such a great project! It has such potential for the future as well -- some day they'll have a city government meeting and half the people in the room will be tatting!

  5. Wow, you've started a revolution!

  6. This saga just keeps growing and growing! The news media is next!

    And this is the first I've heard of both Sunlit and Moonlit shuttles! I obviously am not checking out the New Items on the HH site! I'm very interested in the Moonlit with the hook. I wonder if Hobby Lobby will carry them eventually. I praise HL's tatting section, although wish they had Lizbeth 40. They still have Janette Baker's book (no longer at JoAnns) and Marilee's!

  7. Ola! amiga, faz muito tempo que não venho aqui, senti saudades, aliás sinto sempre que pego nos livros, cd linhas e tatting que vc me mandou e sinto a mesma felicidade daquela tarde que chegou pelo sedex a caixinha de grande surpresa.
    Um grande beijo no seu coração e tenho certeza que deve ser maravilhoso ser sua aluna de tatting.

  8. Looks like the tatting frenzy will continue for quite some time yet!!! :) You must be an awesome teacher!!! :)

  9. Awesome project with passing on the tatting legacy.

  10. Diane Dear this has to be one of the most inspiring and rewarding teaching moments ever! Blessings...


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