Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My friend Denise...

She walks. She talks to me on the phone when we can't get our schedules to coordinate. She's one of the most upbeat people I've ever met. To top it all off, she tats!

This isn't a very good picture, but I wanted to show off the goodies Denise dropped off at school yesterday for the kids. I brought the tatting home to put in baggies, and then I forgot to take them back to school. Luckily, there is school tomorrow! ;-)

I want to thank all my very generous tatting friends who have donated pieces for the kids. We now have two Whitman Sampler tins filled with tatted prizes. The kids go through the tins every day, hoping that their favorite pieces will be there when they reach their next goal. I apologize for not remembering to take pictures of everything. Sometimes I just get caught up in what the kids and I are doing, and photos take a back seat!

Speaking of photos...

Paige forgot to bring her tatting to school yesterday, and she had a whole lot to show off! The black piece is an experiment with picots and sections of bare thread. It's really pretty, and it's in size 80!

Paige chose this very pretty heart as her prize. As you can see, she carries a bag of tatted pieces with her. She's also becoming a shuttle collector. She bought two more shuttles, bringing her grand total to five, and she told me that she's asked for shuttles and thread for her upcoming birthday. She's a girl after my own heart!

Delaney is a budding designer! She figured out on her own how to switch shuttles to create a pattern. Note that her second shuttle is a floss bobbin! Delaney chose a bookmark as her prize. She's also a great influence... her brother in 4th grade signed up to take tatting lessons!

My hanky edging is growing slowly but surely. The kids asked me if I tat when I watch t.v. Of course the answer was yes!

I've also been doing a little crocheting. I didn't think I had much thread left on my ball of Flora, so I decided to try out a pattern I found on YouTube. I love this woman's directions, and the videos are so clear. It turns out that I had far more thread than I thought, so I almost have a length long enough for a pillowcase trim... looks like another project is on the horizon!


  1. Your edgings look fabulous!!! :)

  2. I love seeing all your students' progress! I bet by the end of the school year they'll all be doing rings and able to follow simple patterns. Maybe you could come up with some great incentives for them to keep it up over the summer-- I'd be happy to contribute if you need anything to that end.

  3. I'm just so impressed, I'm speechless! Really - getting the kids to learn tatting and motivating other tatters to donate prizes - that's epic!

  4. Diane, you are enabling CHILDREN! I laughed my head off at this post!

    Say hi to Denise for me. She is amazing.

    What a great job you are doing with the kids. Congrats.
    Fox : )

    p.s. Forget retirement. You can open a tatting school for after school for kids!

  5. stoveFabulous tatting by the young ones, Diane, under your tutelage! It's great to see their progress.
    I think Fox is right about that Tatting School!
    Love the edgings!


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