Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Round 4

Today was kind of dark and dreary, but luckily, I had a little ray of sunshine to brighten it up!

Sophia woke Mommy up early, about 6:30.

She didn't mind the cloudy day at all!

While she was napping, I managed to finish round 4 of Labor no. 10 from Frivolite 1 Creaciones Artime. On to round 5!


  1. Such a precious little face and smile. Sophia Bliss Dear...

  2. She is so sweet! A ray of sunshine by herself! So glad you're getting family time!

    That doily design is so lovely! And I really like that thread!

  3. Sophia is so adorable-- would certainly make any day a sunny one!

  4. Gorgeous picture of your grand daughter,
    Lovely doily.


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