Friday, May 19, 2017

Another addict

My dear friend Tatskool has started blogging again, and guess what her first post is? She's tatted an Ice Drop!

Please visit her page and see what she's doing...

I subbed in 4th grade yesterday, so I didn't have any time to finish an Ice Drop. Two are nearly done, and I will post pictures of them later.

I did take time to finish my green and gold Sami band last night. The top and bottom strips are the right side, and the two center strips are the wrong side. I think they're both pretty!


  1. Beautiful band !
    And keep an eye on my blog, too, for a surprise ( hopefully a happy one ;-P)

  2. You know these would work so many ways, I think of college colors and those name tag holders for work many have to have they are really beautiful. I'll check out this new blog. Too😄❤️😄


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