Saturday, May 20, 2017

Great friends, great time!

We had a wonderful Tollway Tatters meeting today!

Ana, Denise, and Barbara were among the first to arrive.

Sue Anna brings the group from Wisconsin down once they have crossed the Illinois border.

The two who travel the farthest are Sue from Michigan and Marilee from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Carol drives in from Indiana. Here she's showing off her embellished Tollway Tatters Origami pouch.

Caving to our requests, Marilee brought along her new carbon fiber cello and played a piece for us.

Carol spent her time working on a heart pattern from a Japanese book. She was trying to give it a longer point than shown in the pattern.

Sue was working on an idea for a sun catcher. I love the blues!

Sue Anna was working on one of Marilee's earring designs.

I forgot to ask Barbara what she was working on, but we were having so much fun tatting and talking that I really only remember her showing me the snowflake she finished recently.

Denise is working on a series of Ice Drops based on things she likes in nature. Yesterday she tatted with a red gem for a ladybug. If I recall correctly, this one was for a yellow gem for a bee.

Elaine is needle tatting a doily. Marilee was able to give her some tips to help her chains lie flat. Elaine also had on a beautiful tie-dyed t-shirt with tatting designs that she created herself. How did I miss getting a picture of her smiling face?

Ana joined us for the first time today. She was also working on an earring design by Marilee.

What did I do?

I tatted Ice Drops!

True to form, I finished two!


  1. Great pics and commentary of a fun and creative gathering:-)

  2. Looks wonderful! Music even, wow.

  3. I guess you had a great day with fun, music and tatting. Wish I could join you, it sounds a great meeting

  4. Very nice pictures/post! Tatting goodness in an afternoon. Looking forward to next time.

  5. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait till the next time!!! :)

  6. I love your Tollway Tatter's group and seeing everything being tatted and enjoyed. I have never heard of a Carbon Fiber Cello.


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