Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring has sprung!

Today was another sub day, and tomorrow will be also. Somehow, I managed to get back on my old school days schedule, and I accomplished a lot!

No, I did not tat all of these Ice Drops today. I tatted the one with the blue ribbon last night, and I started the one with the pink ribbon last night and finished it before I left for school this morning. The Ice Drop with the blue glass gem is one I really like. I started that one on the teacher's plan period and finished it when I got home, and the last one I tatted while waiting for Dave to get home. Whew!

I started weaving another band yesterday. I'm having a difficult time getting the width correct on this one, and I think it has to do with the thread I'm using. I wanted to try something thicker than size 10 crochet cotton, so I selected size 5 Artiste crochet thread from Hobby Lobby. This is a polyester thread rather than a cotton and it has a bit of texture to it.

When I finish this band, I think I'll try this pattern again in the size 10 crochet cotton and compare the two. I do like the black and pink together!

I like to walk on our porch, which wraps around two sides of our house.

The view of our garden is beautiful, and I was inspired to take a few pictures.

This is Dave's busy time of year, and our garden takes a back seat to his busy schedule until around Memorial Day.

Come Memorial Day weekend, Dave will start cleaning up the gardens and pulling out all the weeds that I enjoy, at least when they have pretty flowers on them! 


  1. Great Ice Drops!!! :)
    Fabulous looking band!! :)

  2. Subbing and tatting beautiful Ice Drops would be a lot yet you have also woven such pretty black and pink into a lovely band. Delightful Energy Bliss...

  3. Your ice drop collection must be building up again. I like the pink and black too, very dramatic!


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