Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday tatting

I subbed in 5th grade today, so I only had time to tat one Ice Drop in Rainbow Splash. One is better than none, right?

I did warp my Hard Maple loom this morning. This is another Sami band pattern in red, blue, and green. I have two bands in progress right now, and I'm planning on warping another loom tomorrow. A girl can never have too many shuttles or too many looms!


  1. ...or too many ice drops !
    How'd you forget that ;-D

  2. Love the larger picots on that Ice Drop!! :)
    Cool, another woven band!!! :)

  3. Looks like shuttles in your woven band!

  4. Another beautiful ice drop.
    Another band in progress, looking good so far

  5. ice drop is so pretty - I see another woven band in the works!


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