Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Two drop day

The day got away from me again. I don't know how that happens!

I did manage to tat an Ice Drop in the morning,

and I tatted another one in the afternoon. I guess that two is better than none!

I did spend time with my band weaving today. I think I became overconfident, because I made several mistakes. The good news is, I'm getting better at fixing my mistakes! 😊


  1. You got 2 Ice Drops done, and I got 2 crosses done-wow!
    What do you use the bands for when you are done weaving??

    1. I haven't decided yet. I'll probably use some of them for purse straps. Maybe I'll make myself a belt!

    2. That would be great! I was just wondering since I know nothing about them. :)

  2. Great! Learning to fix mistakes is such an integral part of learning any skill.

  3. I can see where undoing this may be challenging to do love all your work, your hands are truly golden!

  4. Ah, there's a stage where you think you've 'got it' and then find you're not quite there yet. But the weaving is looking really good.

  5. Gorgeous Ice Drops. Lovely weaving band. It is always so helpful to be able to fix our errors instead of having to start over. Creative Bliss Dear...<3


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