Monday, May 22, 2017

Plenty to post

I have plenty to show, but I just wasn't in the mood to blog yesterday. I was having too much fun!

I finished my pretty yellow band early Sunday morning. When I finished it, I found that the finished end was about 1/4" wider than the beginning end. I guess I'm just not good at eyeing something for size, which is why I use picot gauges when tatting!

I had watched a Sami band weaving video by Durham Weaver. She used a piece of plastic marked with the proper width of the band. I didn't have any plastic that would work, but I did have some card stock. It came in very handy!

My friend Carol took this picture of me at Tollway Tatters. I don't like many pictures of me, but I think this one really looks like me. It must be that I wasn't paying attention to the person taking the picture! I kind of like my new glasses. What do you think?

Early this morning, I finished my band. Using the card stock measuring piece really helped. This is my best band so far!

Today I subbed for high school math. The kids were busy studying for their ETAs (end of term assessments), so my role was strictly supervisory, which gave me plenty of time to tat!

When I got home, I decided to set up my Shining Glen loom with another Inkle pattern. Tomorrow I plan to set up my Hard Maple loom with a Sami pattern. I do love variety!


  1. I love the glasses, the bands, and the Ice Drops. Looks like you're having fun.

  2. what a delightful load of lovelies !

    1. and that includes a certain smiling face :-)

  3. Wow!!! Fabulous bands!!! :) You said something the other day about a possible lanyard made from one?, well, last night I saw someone with a lanyard which looked just like one of your beautiful woven bands in our Sunday night group. I knew it wasn't yours, but it looked like one.
    Fabulous Ice Drops!!! :)

  4. Ah, it makes sense to have a way of checking the width as you go along. Looking good! You and your weaving/ice drops.

  5. It's a great picture, love your smile! Lovin' those bands too, clever idea with the card stock.

  6. And it IS a good picture of you! You look great, and very happy too.

  7. it is fun to see all the items and you too!

  8. You look beautiful and I like your new glasses. <3

  9. I like your new glasses, nice to see you so we have some idea what you look like.
    Beautiful ice drops,
    And the bands are looking good


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