Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A different look

I tried Shelley Perreault's Peacock Coins pattern with fewer beads. I still used a penny, the same thread, and the same beads, just fewer of them. While this is pretty, it just doesn't have the dazzle dazzle of the other one. I'll bet you can guess which one I prefer!

Five more spool pin doilies are ready for Mom's Christmas table decorations!

Believe it or not, I only have two squares to go on my Masquerade doily! If I had completed one yesterday and one today, I'd only have one to go. Oh, well! It's not like I'm in a race!


  1. I think I prefer the more beady one too. Love the colour of the spool pins, they’re really pretty.

    1. Thanks, Jane! I plan on doing five of each color so that Mom has a nice variety.

  2. If I hadn't seen the other with all the beads, I'd love this one but the other is just gorgeous (rich). I can't believe how far you are on that Masquerade, it looks wonderful!

  3. Everything is so beautiful!!! :)


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