Friday, August 3, 2018

A week between posts?

Yes, it has been a week since I posted, and it's been a very busy week!

In prepration for our retreat, I put together little tatting tins for everyone. Shawna Wachs was kind enough to make the decals for me. I think they turned out great!

Denise and I drove up to Minnesota on Sunday and spent Sunday night with daughter Joanne. Sophia and Kara were willing to pose for me, but Janko kept hiding from the camera... little stinker!

We treated each other to lots of goodies!

Not all were strictly tatting related.

But everything was opened with oohs and ahhhs!

There were fun gifts, practical gifts, food gifts, and tatting gifts.

It's going to be fun deciding how to use everything!

And, it will be fun remembering the wonderful three days we had together!

Timberhaze is a beautiful retreat center. This is our workroom with all of us enjoying ourselves.

Our commemorative shuttles were by Frivole.

Although bobbin shuttles are not my first choice, I do like working with these little beauties!

Our motif for the year is depicted on the back side of the shuttle.

I did work on my Masquerade doily, but I only finished one motif. I think we were having too much fun talking and sharing ideas!

Michelle brought along 2018 pennies to share. I chose to used Shelley Perreault's Peacock Coins pattern. I'm going to tat around a penny again with a different bead configuration.

Mom would like to have one as a pin. I think that's a great idea!

I also tried Shelley's pattern with a peacock coin bead and S-Lon beading thread. I need to perfect my tatting with this thread, but I found it very nice to work with.

The retreat was fabulous, and I'm really looking forward to getting together with this wonderful group of ladies again next year!

Denise and I had a long ride home, 10.5 hours. We did take a brief side trip to Norske Nook for lunch, which was delicious!

There was a lot of mail to open when I got home, and my first package was from Rita Richmond. Aren't these shuttles beautiful? I bet you know why I was attracted to them! ;-)

Remember when Marlene and Cathy came to Tollway Tatters? Marlene had a wonderful name tag stitched by a friend of Cathy's. Cathy was kind enough to have one stitched up for me. I love it!

So, now it's time to try and get back into a routine of some sort. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately!


  1. What a lot of lovely goodies. I'm green with envy that I wasn't there with you all.

  2. Oh wow!!! Looks like so much fun(almost Christmas fun!!)!!
    Your tatting is all beautiful!!! :)

    1. It was like Christmas! I wish you could have been with us. You would have had a great time!

  3. This is a week's worth of posts! It was overwhelming for me to read it! Only now am I realizing your two events were so close together, and this one was 10 hours away!??

    My mind is boggled by the Goodie Bags and especially the shuttle by Frivole. And those 'pennies' motifs are so attractive in that thread color and beads. What a fantastic trip!

    1. We did spoil each other! I have some more ideas for pennies, but that may take a while. They're certainly one of the less expensive options for centers!

  4. It sure was a lot of fun! Now how many days until our next one?

    1. Oh, dear! I have no idea! My brain hasn't stopped buzzing from this one. I almost feel guilty about having so much fun... notice I said almost! ;-)

  5. Kathy said what I was thinking! Looks great fun. I enjoyed seeing your goodies and tatting.

    1. I'm still looking for a tatter's retirement village. I think I could move there in a minute just so that I could have fun like this all the time!

  6. Looks a lot of fun, the goody bags look interesting I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.
    Beautiful shuttles,
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves,

  7. It was a great retreat with great tatting friends! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself - we sure enjoy having you join the fun! Such a wonderful place and wonderful company - I’m already looking forward to next year. We did so much sharing of not only goodies, but tatting knowledge and tips as well.

  8. Despite actually accomplishing very little tatting I enjoyed myself every minute we were together! I loved sharing time with such generous and talented tatters! With much work ahead of me (thank you SO much for the peacock coin and all the threads), I'd better retire to get it all caught up with! Thank you again for your over-the-top generosity.



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