Thursday, August 9, 2018

Not much to show

Today was one of those days when I felt like I worked all day, but there isn't much to show for it!

I did manage to finish another Masquerade square... just one more to go!

I also typed up the directions for my Frivolity Ice Drop. For those of you who are interested and aren't on Facebook:

Frivolity Ice Drop
2 shuttle pattern

Materials: 3/4” glass gem, two shuttles wound continuous thread method, size 20 Lizbeth thread (approximately 6 yards on each shuttle), 12” ribbon for hanger (optional)

Note: this pattern follows the one pass method for encasing the glass gem (back ring, front ring, chain, repeat around)

Round 1
Set 1 ~
Ring: 4-4---4-4; RW
Ring: 6-6-6; fold ring down and away from you
Chain: 6-6; RW
Sets 2 - 5 ~
Ring: 4+4+4-4; RW (join to first ring and large picot)
Ring: 6+6-6 (join to second ring); fold ring down and away from you
Chain: 6-6; RW
Set 6 ~
Ring: 4+4+4+4; RW
Ring: 6+6, insert glass gem, +6; turn piece away from you
Chain: 6-6; lock join to base of first ring; RW

Round 2 (domed side of glass gem facing you) 
Chain 12; RW
Ring: 6+6 (join to picot in first round; RW
Chain 12; lock join to base of next ring in first round.
Repeat sequence 5x.

Round 3
Chain 16; lock join to base of ring in round 2; switch shuttles
Ring: 2--2--2---2--2--2; switch shuttles
Chain 16; lock join to base of ring in round 1

Repeat 5x


  1. At least you have more to show than I do!! ;)
    Both are great!!

    1. There are days when I feel like I've accomplished so much, and other days I don't. Blogging helps show me that I really do get something accomplished!

  2. Very much appreciate your 'typing out' the pattern, although I do find your handwritten one to be special.
    I did finally realize that you were doing the one-pass method! Hoping to try it soon!

    1. There are times when I like the one pass method, but more often than not, I like that row of chains snugged up agains the gem!

  3. Oh , thanks very much. Typing out a pattern takes time, plus you’ve done a masquerade square, that’s a lot to show!

  4. Typing a pattern takes time and you also managed to type on here, and still do one masquerade square.

    1. Well, to be honest, I copied and pasted the pattern here!

  5. Well, my tangible results from today are nil. I need to make this beautiful ice drop - maybe at our TCT gathering tomorrow!

  6. Beautiful tatting - thx for pattern, too


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