Friday, April 30, 2021

Shuttles, donuts, and a doily


My newest shuttles from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design arrived today. Aren't they lovely?

I finished a December 4 button ornament, and then I went back to the December 1 pattern and used donuts. I was inspired by my friend Pamela's latest creation. Pamela used an opaline donut and her Blue Moon hand-dyed thread. If you've never tried hand-dyed thread, I highly recommend indulging yourself. It's wonderful!

I've carefully restarted round 13 of Renulek's Spring 2021 doily. I did have a bit of a hiccup. Have you guessed? I joined in the wrong place again! Luckily, I noticed right away and only had to un-tat a small ring and 3 ds on a chain. I think I need to pay close attention from now on!


  1. Fabulous shuttles!!! :)
    Fun button ornaments and donut ornaments!! :)
    Full attention is what I need for this round, that is why I haven't started again, yet...! ;)

  2. Round 13 does require attention, good luck. Round 15 seems easier, but I have made the same mistake twice and had to correct, so I need to pay attention too!

    1. Now that I know my weak spot, I think I'll be able to keep on at a steady pace!


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