Tuesday, November 23, 2021

More cookies

This morning I decided to try making biscotti. Dave usually makes the biscotti, using his mother's recipe. The cookies are always delicious, but the recipe calls for 10 cups of flour and a dozen eggs. That's way too much dough for me to handle!

I did some searching on the Internet and found a recipe that was close to my mother-in-law's, but in a much smaller amount... 2 cups of four and 2 eggs. I combined my mother-in-law's list of ingredients with the quantities of the new recipe. They turned out pretty good, and Dave even liked them! It's a good thing I wrote down what I did!

Mom and I went out to lunch, and then this afternoon I finished another button ornament. I'm happy to say that I definitely have enough thread for the set of six that I wanted for Christmas!


  1. Well done to you! Yes, I have some recipes that use huge amounts, but recreating them in miniature is not always easy. I’ve made biscotti but not sure how successful they were.

    1. Dave thought mine were a little too hard, but I reminded him that they're supposed to be dipped in coffee. His are softer. Both taste great!

  2. I have been thinking of making peanut butter cookies, but procrastination is winning at the moment. ;)
    Another great button ornament!! :)

  3. Well done on the cookies, and beautiful button ornament I love this new pattern


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