Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Anastasia, round 2

I finished round 2 of Anastasia yesterday morning. It looked really pretty in the morning sunlight, but it looks washed out in the photo. 

That's about all I accomplished yesterday. I was feeling kind of lazy. Today I'm proctoring standardized tests. Crocheting makes the least noise, so I think I'll take the baby blanket with me so that I have something to keep me awake.

The kids are always amazed that I can tat, knit, or crochet while supervising them. As long as I'm working a simple pattern, I have no problem crafting and watching at the same time. It must be a skill I've acquired through crafting while watching tv!


  1. Very pretty. Ah, the children know they can’t get away with anything just because you’re crocheting!

  2. I like the color combination! Will you be changing colors each round?
    I agree.....I listen better when my hands are busy. The sermons I remember best are when I was tatting crosses. Unfortunately, the choir I currently sing with is right up front where my tatting would distract too much. Sigh!
    Enjoy the kids!

    1. I'll just be using these two colors for this doily. These are the only ones I purchased. I'm already dreaming of how I'll make my next doily even more colorful, probably with a little hand-dyed thread thrown into the mix!

  3. It looks great and not washed out when you enlarge the picture!! :)


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