Sunday, January 1, 2023

Good intentions

Happy new year to all! 

I truly had good intentions for blogging in the past month, but I've fallen out of the habit and need to start anew. In an effort to start the year out right, I made sure I did some walking. I ate well... no junk food today! We put away a few Christmas decorations. Best of all, I spent some time crafting!

A couple of weeks ago, my three youngest grandchildren put in requests for stuffies. Kara asked for a blue snowflake. Janko asked for a snowman. Sophia asked for a Santa, but changed her mind when she saw the snowflake pattern. I managed to finish a few hours before they arrived on New Year's Eve. They were well received!

I finished Joanne's wrist warmers before they left this morning. It's bee a busy few weeks, but I managed to finish all of the projects I had planned on finishing in the for Christmas gift giving!

After finishing Joanne's wrist warmers this morning, I decided to work on Grace's hat. Grace is one of the high school girls I see every day. She loved the one I made for my Secret Santa, Delaney, and asked if I would make one for her. How could I say no? I still need to make wrist warmers for Rigo, one of the boys who has been asking for a pair ever since I passed the first ones out to the girls. Once those are finished, I'm going to spend time finishing up some things I've started for myself.

We have a ravioli eating contest every Christmas Eve. Daughter Alison held the record for years with a count of 27. When son-in-law Jake realized there could be a competition, he broke the record with 38. That record has stood for years. I don't think anyone will try to break that record, but we do keep track every year. This year Kelden had the most, eating 19. 

Joanne and family spent Christmas in Georgia, and when they arrived on Saturday the kids asked if we could have a ravioli contest. Seven year old Kara won, eating 12 ravioli. She was quite proud of her achievement! 


  1. Tantissimi auguri di buon anno nuovo, spero sia ricco di gioia e di tante nuove meravigliose creazioni come quelle del post di oggi

    1. Thank you, Stefania! I wish you all that is good in the new year!

  2. Well done for finishing all your gifts in time! Love the idea of a family ravioli eating contest. Well done Kara!

    1. It wasn't as much of a mad dash as it has been some years. Still, I've already started next year's gifts!

  3. It's so great that you were able to get all your Christmas projects accomplished!!
    Great snowflakes and snowman!! :)
    Looks like a fun family time!!


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