Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Staying on track

Today was a success! I finished the day's laundry, managed to get my walking in, went to lunch with Mom, and did some crafting.

I really think this button ornament is going to be my 2023 ornament. I can make one in a little over an hour, and I have a good supply of buttons and threads. Button and thread colors may differ, but I really am enjoying working this design.

I finished Rigo's wrist warmers today. I will be making some more for other high school boys, but there won't be the push that I had with the girls.

Right before dinner, I started crocheting a beanie in the round. I haven't made one of these in several years, so I'm eager to see how it turns out in comparison to the hat I made for Grace. I'm hoping to finish it in time for heading back to school on Thursday so that I can get feedback from the kids.

I still haven't found my pom poms. They have to be here somewhere!


  1. Well done! I do like that button ornament, I look forward to seeing it in an array of threads and different buttons.

    1. You'll be seeing this color for a while. I'm trying to use up partial balls of thread. It will be interesting to see how many ornaments I get out of each partial ball!


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