Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Sub day


Many of us at school were hoping for a snow day today. We did get snow, but not enough to call off school. Instead, I was called in to sub at the middle school. The kids were working on assessments all day, so I had lots of time to craft. I love the way this button ornament looks. It reminds me of Lizbeth Blue Ice.

I also crocheted a hat. My shy model is our middle school secretary, Rhiannon. She's not really shy. She was just being silly. Her husband, Neal, was in third grade when I started teaching in Grant Park. I crocheted a hat for Rhiannon a few weeks ago. It only seemed fair that Neal should have one. 

Now I need to finish my Country Cottage Beanie!


  1. Another great button ornament and hat!! :)
    We got plenty of snow, but not enough for schools to close around here! That takes a whole lot more than 3-5 inches. ;)

  2. Good to be able to craft while you sub!

  3. Being PAID to craft must be the best job in the whole wide world. Can you put me down to sub too, please?


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