Thursday, November 30, 2023

Green and red and white


Christmas colors ruled today... no pinks or purples or shades of green and red today.

My list of gnome recipients is growing, but my favorite came last night from my sister's granddaughter. 

Janet bought a couple of gnomes a year or two ago because she liked the one Mom has on her bed. His name is Fred. Janet's grandchildren were creeped out by the gnomes since there are no eyes. Janet took a gnome home with her when she visited before Thanksgiving, and Abby liked it. So when Janet came to visit after Thanksgiving, she took a gnome home for Abby.

Last night, Abby sent me a picture of herself with her gnome and asked if I would make her another one that's not in Christmas colors... one that she can keep out year round! My next step will be to have Abby crank out her own gnome the next time she comes to visit.

Daughter Carol requested a loaf of bread for her AP Euro class today. They're studying the French Revolution. She asked if I would make French bread, but I put my bread book someplace safe for Thanksgiving. There wasn't time to look for it and get the bread made, so plain bread it is. I think the kids will be okay with that. After all, it's free food for them!


  1. A variety of requests, gnomes to bread! I like variety. When I was making curtains, my brother suggested setting up a curtain making business, but I like not being restricted to one activity.

  2. It's nice that Abby can get to participate in making her own gnome. You're spreading the love for crafting.

  3. Wow! More gnomes and it's great to have so many like them!! :)
    I am sure they will like the bread! :)


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