Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back-to-school shuttles

Nothing says back-to-school like primary colors! For me, the queen of primary colors is Mary Engelbreit. So, for my September shuttles, I chose Mary Engelbreit fabric.

I love her saying, "Life is just a chair of bowlies." A bit discombobulated, but perfect for the way my school year has started! There are so many changes at school this year, and I had become very comfortable with my teaching routine. Luckily, I'm finding that I'm up to the new challenges!

Oh... I guess you're wondering about the shuttles...

As I've done before, one is for a drawing here on my blog, one is for Denise, and one is for me. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell me which of the three shuttles you like best... green, yellow, or orange. Since I've taken so long to decorate the shuttles, I'll have the drawing the last day of September... 30 days hath September, April, June, and November...

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

I've been interested in this book for a long time, so I was thrilled to find that Heidi had it re-printed! As I was flipping through, I was excited to discover that I own some of the shuttles shown in the book.

I don't think blinged Clover shuttles will ever be book material, but they sure are fun!

P.S. - After proofreading this post, I realize that it doesn't flow... very poor writing style. Sigh! I hope my discombobulation disappears quickly!


  1. It reads fine to me!. No discombobulation noted!

    I wondered about that book as well... Still have not yet ordered it, the operative word being 'yet!'
    Fox : )

  2. Thank you for the opportunity for this drawing. All the shuttles are beautiful, but since I have to choose a colour -- Green.

  3. I don't think your post is discombobulated either. : )

    Also, thanks for having the drawing.
    I think the shuttles look great. If I had to choose a color, it would be yellow.

  4. You're not discombobulated one bit. Don't count me in on the drawing as I've already won before but I did want to say those are delicious.

  5. Orange! Orange looks great!

    And your post is FINE

  6. Love those shuttles! Are they different? I couldn't tell. I just look at the fabric! Cool! No bad writing.....always a fun read!

  7. ...I just adore Mary Englebreit's style. Someday, I should do my craft room in that style!

    Shuttles are so dang cute too!!! Green would be my choice... but will be happy with whatever.

    Thank you for your generosity and fun!

  8. I have her book from several years ago, and I agree - it's exciting to find a listing there for a shuttle you already own!

    I love Mary Englebreit, too - I have a "tea set" consisting of teapot and six cups with saucers, none of the cups matching! (I like to use "It's Good to Be the Queen") ;-)

    I would give the yellow one a happy home here in Greenwood!

  9. The shuttles look wonderful! They all look good but I'm partial to the green, but the yellow's nice, too.
    I notice on my writing that some days it flows much better than others. I'm not a teacher like you, but I would like to do better. I keep thinking I should take a writers/writing course, but that would mean less time tatting. Hmmm, do you think it's worth it?

  10. Discombobulation? Why, that fits my life perfectly!

    You know me, I love your shuttles and am happy with any color

  11. I like the yellow best! Mary Engelbreit is gorgeous and so are these shuttles. I recently became a teacher and my cupboard doors at the back of my room are cheerily decorated with Mary Engelbreit posters, mostly on the subject of reading.

  12. You don't seem discombobulated to me. But, I do love that word and your new shuttles. I like the green one.

  13. Discombobulation is quite the word Miss Teacher. I can relate to this as my mother used to say this (discombobulated) fairly often. Your blinged Clover shuttles should certainly be in a future edition of treasured shuttles. In honor of October and pumpkins I shall say Orange. Thank you for having a giveaway.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway. Your shuttles are beautiful ! I choose green :)

  15. Oh cheese, blogs are supposed to FLOW
    Am I in trouble; no liner thinking here. I haven’t had wireless for a bit, except at my daughters; so, I barely made the cut to beg for a blue one! LOL
    I will take a snap for you of my ME kitchen corner with 3 little pots that have Faith, Hope and Love printed on them. I love MB too!
    Good to “see” you again..luv Bev

  16. My sister love Mary Englebreit. In my former craft life I made her a huge quilt in ME fabrics, something about bloom where you are planted. I'd forgotten about that, thanks for the memory jogger.

  17. Love the middle one. I know what you mean about the new school year. Is it June yet??!! lol . You do such nice work.

  18. I think I prefer the yellow one, although they're all very nice. I like the apple theme shuttles photographed on your Apple--clever. And I'll have to try to use the word discombobulated in a sentence today. Shouldn't be too hard the way my brain's been behaving lately!

  19. Oh, oh!! I love the green shuttle! What lucky readers we are to be able to get in on a shuttle by you!

  20. Diane,
    your shuttles are great, yellow for me if I win.


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