Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tummy troubles

The little ones weren't feeling well today... tummy troubles. There was a lot of snuggle time, and all seemed to be doing much better by dinner time. Everyone went to bed early, leaving me time for just a bit of tatting...

Sophia chose the blue glass gem and pin ribbon. I think she may be going home with this one!


  1. Tummy troubles with small grandchildren strikes fear into my heart! - I'm glad that they weren't too bad, We had a sick little one here tonight too, so I send you my sympathy.Ice Drops will make it all better.

  2. I think she need to go home with this to it will remind her of the great visit with grandma and tummy problems will not be remembered at all😄🌹😄

  3. Hope they are all feeling hale and hearty again and ready for some more (Ice Drops, I mean) :-)))

  4. I hope all is well now. You may have to tat a few extra ice drops!

  5. I think that ice drop will definately walk out with her.
    Very pretty ice drop


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