Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garden walk

Today was my friend Denise's birthday, and to celebrate she invited me and two other friends to attend the Kankakee Kultivators Club garden walk. It was a wonderful day!

We met at Denise's house at 8:30 and headed out.

We saw so many beautiful gardens!

It was pretty warm today, but luckily there was a brisk breeze.

We picked up lots of gardening ideas.

I don't enjoy gardening myself, but I do enjoy the gardens that Dave creates in our yard.

And now I have ideas for him! ;-)

Before leaving this morning, I finished Sophia's pink, purple, and yellow band. Sophia wove the first 6" and did a beautiful job. I just have to mail it to her now. I know she'll be thrilled to have it.

My day wouldn't be complete without an Ice Drop!


  1. I know what you mean, Jack is the gardener in our family, but I do admire gardens. Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. What beautiful host as. Mine get eaten by the slugs. Don't you have slugs in Illinois?

  3. What an awesome band, and another great Ice Drop!! :)

  4. oh a garden club sounds great and your weaving and drop are fantastic!


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