Saturday, June 17, 2017

What happened?

Sue Anna and I talked yesterday and decided to cancel our Tollway Tatters meeting. The weather forecast did not look good for the Illinois/Wisconsin border where Sue Anna lives. I haven't had the chance to check what it was like up by the border, but the weather was okay throughout the day where I live (50 miles south of Chicago). It was hot and humid throughout the day, and we are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 1 a.m. While I would have loved to get together with my tatting friends, I am not willing to take chances with nasty weather, and we all travel at least an hour to meet.

With our meeting canceled, I really thought I'd accomplish a great deal today. I was so wrong!

Joanne and family left at 6:30 this morning. I talked to Mom for about an hour. Eva, Aidan, Dave, and I had breakfast, and then we cleaned up and finished morning chores.

Dave headed out to get some work done. Eva, Aidan, and I went to the post office and the hardware store, and a few minutes after we returned home, Alison arrived. We chatted a little, had lunch, cleaned up, and then Alison and the kids headed home.

Dave arrived back home with his tuned up lawn mower, then loaded another mower into the van for repairs. We headed off to his friend Cal's for a quick fix on that lawn mower. It turned out not to be a quick fix, so we'll have to pick it up next week.

We headed home, and Dave took me out to dinner. We could not believe that it was 6:30 when we arrived home! What happened to our day?

As you may have guessed, there was no tatting today!


  1. Sounds like a busy day to me! You still got things accomplished! It was a good idea to call off the meeting. Better to stay safe!

  2. Oh goodness, sorry you had to cancel your meeting, but better safe than sorry. Mmm, yes, days have a way of disappearing like that!

  3. Still busy, though :-))) Hope your weather improved

  4. Too bad you had to cancel - but better than getting stuck or worse in a storm! Busy days get in the way of hobbies - but you got to visit with some of your favorite people. THAT's a treat!

  5. Oh, I was so looking forward to seeing all the fun from the Tollway Tatters, but I am glad you are all safe!! :) Please let me know if there is a July meeting! :)


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