Monday, June 12, 2017

S-l-o-w day

The heat started kicking in about 10 a.m. yesterday, and once it's hot, I'm pretty much done! Right now the air is refreshing, but as soon as the air conditioner kicks in, the windows will be closed and I will become a slug. I don't think I would survive in the deep south or in the desert states. Yes, I am a wimp!

Once I adjust to the heat, I will accomplish more. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying life!

I only tatted one Ice Drop yesterday, but I have a good excuse. Grandchildren Eva and Aidan arrived yesterday for a week long visit. Aidan's 13th birthday was Saturday, and Eva's 15th birthday is tomorrow. Both of their parents had heavy work schedules this week, so I get the benefit of their company!

If Lily and Ella could come down from Minnesota, my house would be overflowing... and I would be ecstatic! However, they are both into sports and are on softball teams. In order for me to spend time with them, I need to head north!

This may end up being my busiest summer so far! 😁


  1. I'm sure that Eva will enjoy her special birthday celebrations with her grandparents and cousins! We have a full range of ages in our own cluster of grandchildren too - eldest is nearly 20, the youngest just 22 months!Seven more inbetween. It certainly is a busy life!

  2. A hot summer but an enjoyable one!

  3. Great Ice Drop!! :)
    Enjoy those kids while they are so much fun!!! :)

  4. Having your Grands is Priceless! We are in Winter...again! Supposed to be 100F by Sunday. Strange Weather. <3

  5. 95F here today. I think the comparison with a slug is perfect to describe me. The only A/C I have are in my car and my fridge! Like all its fellow creature the former is polluting, hence increasing the heat, and the latter is too small for me to settle in. So I'm prepared to suffer until at least mid'September!
    Happy Birthday to Eva and Aidan :)
    Have fun with your grandkids!


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