Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It took all day, but I finally finished off the ball of Rainbow Splash!

There are 40 here, but I gave three to a friend who is in the hospital giving me a total of 43 Ice Drops from one ball of Rainbow Splash!

I was really surprised that I had enough thread for four more Ice Drops.

I really thought there was only enough for two.

I've been picking the glass gems randomly, just sticking my hand in the bowl and pulling out the first one I touched.

When I'm finished, I look at my box of ribbons and decide which one I like best. I've learned a lot about choosing colors from granddaughter Sophia!

As you can see, 40 Ice Drops really fills my little tree. There are two on almost every branch.

I find that these little window tins are perfect for storage.

Now that I've completed this goal, I can return to some of my other tatting projects!


  1. Those all look fabulous!!! What a colorful display!!! :)
    Hope to be seeing good progress on that runner!! :)

  2. Perhaps a spinning wheel doily next?

  3. Wow, Diane, was that the whole ball. That is a lot of rainbow splash.(One of my favorites!) I hope your little tree can take the weight of 40 ice drops.

    1. Yes, Tim... the whole ball! At Christmas time I will only put one Ice Drop on each branch so that they are easier to see. That little tree is pretty strong!

  4. Wow, you do seem to make stuff by the 100s unlike us mere mortals - be it ice drops, crochet buttons, spinning wheels, ... did I miss out some of your earlier projects :-)
    Quite a display !

    1. Haha! I do tend to do multiples, probably because I can set myself on autopilot!

  5. What an amazing display! Your tree will be the loveliest decoration at Christmas :)
    I like your comment about ribbon-colour choosing. So sweet! My younger nephew always gets to choose the colour of my new project when he visits me :)

  6. Your dedication is amazing. I love this colorway! Happy Tatting!!! <3


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