Monday, June 26, 2017

Shopping spree!

It sounds exciting, but it really wasn't. I was gone most of the day... grocery shopping, banking, searching for a few items Dave wanted. Daughter Carol invited me over for lunch, and we had the most delicious salsa and chips!

When I arrived home, I put away all my purchases and then sat down to tat.

I believe this is my 40th Ice Drop from my ball of Rainbow Splash, and I think I have enough for at least two more.

I had a wonderful surprise in the mail today, a birthday present from my mom! Mom hoped that it would arrive by my birthday, but this is a custom Sami shuttle all the way from Estonia. I think it's okay that it arrived a little bit late. The wood is as smooth as silk, and the cutouts are perfect!

Thank you, Mom!


  1. That is one interesting shuttle !!! Is it to be used for tatting or weaving (considering the size and curvature) ? Would love to see it in action :-)

  2. Great Ice Drop!! :)
    Is that Sami shuttle for weaving?? It's so unique!! :)

  3. Worth waiting for, it's beautiful. I'd like to see it in action too.

  4. beautiful work on the drop and love this unusual shuttle!

  5. Beautiful us it for tatting or weaving, hope you had a lovely birthday
    Another gorgeous ice drop.gosh 40 from one ball


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