Sunday, June 11, 2017


I started the day off yesterday by installing updates on my computer. What a long process! I started around 5 a.m. when I got up, and the updates were not finished installing until almost 11. Granted, we don't have the fastest Internet access, and there were multiple users (Dave on his iPad, the kids streaming a movie while breakfast was being made, me installing updates). Still, that seemed like an awfully long time.

I did try posting yesterday morning, but since everything was so slow, I decided to put it off until later, and later just never came!

Sophia spent quite a bit of time "tatting" yesterday. She chose a dark pink shuttle and purple thread for her second project aka winding thread on the shuttle.

Every girl needs a project bag, so Sophia chose from my stash of Origami pouches. She told me she's making an Ice Drop. That's my girl! Think positively!

I finished another Sophia-approved Ice Drop before breakfast. I've noticed that some of the opaque glass gems are losing some of their paint from knocking against each other. I don't mind. I think it adds a little character!

Sophia cracks me up when she tells me she's going to just sit over here and do some tatting! I think she's toted her tatting to every chair in the house!

Janko is our little banana king! He eats several bananas every day, and he will only eat them if they're partially peeled. He does not like to share!

Kara gets all excited when Papa gets his iPad out!

I finished another Sophia-approved Ice Drop while the kids were napping. Then we all packed up and headed over to my sister-in-law's house for a cookout. Since we haven't had much rain in the past two weeks, there were not mosquitoes and the weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying each other's company!


  1. Sophia has all the mannerisms down pat anyway! Updating is a tedious business and then it always seems that you're worse off than you were before! At the very least you may have to learn different ways of doing things.

  2. Your home is so filled with love and fun. I relate to Sophia sitting in every chair for her tatting...let me see if I can tat better over here. LOL. Such adorable Grands dear. <3

  3. Great Sophia approved Ice Drops!! :)
    Looks like such fun!!! :)


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