Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cousin time

We had a full day yesterday!

Eva is saving up for a ukulele case.

Aidan is saving up for a new graphics card for his computer.

So, Grandpa gave them opportunities to earn a little cash this week!

Grandma rewarded their hard work with a popsicle!

When Joanne returned from Aunt Karen's, she and Eva headed off to the grocery store. Aidan entertained his cousins.

Dinner time was quite interesting. Kara loved her ravioli!

Eva and Aidan helped make chili for dinner.

Despite the heat of the day (we almost hit 100), the pot of chili disappeared!

Alas, no Ice Drops were completed today. 😔


  1. Now you have me. I need a lot of yard work done. And I LOVE popsicles. Maybe I can do the work if I promise me a popsicle. Hehe. No ice drops, but several things more precious.

  2. Sounds a lovely hot day, can you send a little heat over, we will be hotter tomorrow up to 25c. From Friday I'm off on holiday and that will be hot as they are having hotter than normal weather hopefully no rain, we needed it a month ago as we were too dry now we are fed up with the wet stuff.
    Lots of memories of the grand kids for years to come

  3. I have to ask, is that tatting on your tablecloth? Such fun family time.

    1. No, it's an inexpensive tablecloth from Walmart. Whenever it's on the table, I start to imagine doily designs!


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