Wednesday, October 26, 2016


It was a cold and dreary day here. Rainy days just seem to set a chill in my bones that won't go away. I can hardly wait to go to bed and snuggle under my wool blanket!

I finished off a mini-ball of brown wool today, and started on some multi-colored yarn from Hobby Lobby. I'm amazed at the number of squares I'm getting from left-over yarns. I'm still trying to decide what to do with them, but for now, I'm just weaving away when the mood strikes!

I finished up my Sky Blue Dark Spinning Wheel while watching the World Series tonight. The game's been going on for three hours now, and they're only in the 7th inning. I guess I'll have time to wind my shuttle for another Spinning Wheel!


  1. I love your spinning mats and want one 😄 and I think when you are done with the squares you could attach them together and make a beautiful throw. 💟

  2. Wonderful colour! It's very hot here now, not very pleasant, but better than cold. I don't like cold either.

  3. Great squares!! :)
    Love that blue spinning wheel!!!! :)

  4. Love that blue! Sounds like it's going to be one last really nice day for us tomorrow, and decent for the little goblins on Monday. Then I'm afraid it's under the quilts for the winter!

  5. Catching up with your spinning wheel mat, beautiful colour, it's mild here still at the moment, I have been away in Sheffield for another injection that's why I am late posting you a comment

  6. Just reading this post. You may have answered your question about what to do with the squares! How about a blanket? :) Would take a while, of course! Maybe just a 'lap' size, as a 'sampler'. Or even a patchwork pillow.


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