Sunday, October 16, 2016

Inexpensive shuttle storage

While cleaning my sewing room today, I found this gourd tatting shuttle that I thought I had lost. It was safely tucked away in a box of thread.

I love the artwork, something I have no talent for!

I also found my Zoom Loom! The Zoom Loom makes 4" squares, and it has a couple of features that I really like. First the wide plastic base makes it easy to hold. Second, there is a slit in the plastic to hold the yarn when beginning the warping process. I like having the slit, because I don't have to take out a slip knot when I finish weaving. It makes it much easier to hide the ends.

Last year I purchased this box on Amazon. It's meant to hold art chalk. I removed the dividers and the  spongy liner, and then I lined the drawers with blue felt.

The drawers are very shallow, so the shuttles tend to catch a little if I don't pull the drawers out slowly, keeping them level.

I could store many more shuttles in these drawers if I removed the shuttles from the packaging.

However, I wanted to keep them in the packages in case the shuttles become collectible! ;-)

In case you didn't count the Emsy Jane shuttles, there were 21. Yes, there are more shuttles to come!


  1. Gorgeous shuttle - don't know why, but the artwork reminds me of native Indian art (totem poles, masks and such).
    I think there are 44 in this post, bringing the present total to over 400 (405 to be exact) :-)

  2. Oh love that gourd shuttle I may try making one of those some day :)

  3. I love your gourd shuttle it's beautiful,
    Lovely box to keep your shuttles in, I think you have an example of every shuttle there is or made.
    More lovely squares for flowers.

  4. The gourd shuttle is beautiful, I'm glad it turned up. Such a lot of work on a tiny surface.

  5. That is a neat looking shuttle!! :)
    I am thinking we should re-name you the Shuttle collector and expert! ;)

  6. Like minds!!! I too have found a pin loom. It was in a box at a sale. I've had great fun working up patterns from a PDF. The next batch has lots of floats that I'm thinking will make a great background for some tatting.


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