Monday, October 24, 2016

Fabulous mail!

I took on a last minute sub job today, so I didn't accomplish everything I thought I would. That's okay. I had a great time with the kids, and everyone at school makes me feel like a rock star!

After school, daughter Carol needed help finishing up two more costumes. I was glad to help, but by the time I got home and fixed dinner, I was ready to sit down and do nothing!

However, I first needed to open my mail.

The first package I opened was from Marie McCurry of West Pine Creations. Look at all the goodies... a shuttle case, a black walnut tatting shuttle, and a gorgeous pendant. I am one happy girl!

I also received this fabulous art work from Sherry Pence, who is trying to raise money for hearing aids. The last I checked, she was more than halfway to her goal. I'm glad that I was able to help in a small way.

I arrived at school early this morning (old habits die hard), so I had time to get some tatting in while waiting for students. I also had some time to tat at lunch, so I was able to get pretty far today!


  1. Diane Dear I just cannot keep up with you and your many postings. You get more done every day than I do in a week. I love seeing your many shuttles. Your Spinning Mats are each beautiful and the colors are amazing. Whew!

  2. I agree with Createology! You do admit to running out of steam occasionally, but then you bounce right back! And how amusing that you can tat before the students arrive! I don't even want to know how early you get there!

    I am quite envious of that stunning pendant! I am in awe of Marie's talents, and she used this pendant to show us the ideas she uses to enhance old jewelry!

  3. Exciting parcels! I love that shade of blue, really rich.

  4. Mail to enjoy!!! :)
    I am sure that pendant will get plenty of attention!!! :)
    Love the glass mat!!! :)

  5. Hope you liked your goodies and thanks again for the embellishments.

  6. What lovely gifts and your tatted piece looks wonderful. I especially love the colour too.


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