Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sub day

I subbed today and I will be subbing again tomorrow. It was so much fun. All I had to do was follow someone else's lesson plans, so much easier than developing my own. There are quite a few new kids at school this year, and it has been great meeting them. Of course the hugs I receive from students who know me well, make the day even better!

Our Internet has been spotty for a while, so Dave put in for a service call. It's funny, he gets more irritated by poor Internet service than I do. As a result of our spotty service, I wasn't able to post last night, and I had so much to share!

I wove some 2" squares for Mom. They're so quick and easy to make, and they take so little yarn. Scraps that I've held on to suddenly have a good use.

Our high school volleyball team has a Pink Night every year to raise money to help cancer patients from our community. Bella decided that she wanted make a pillow for the fund raiser. She chose this pink fabric from my stash for the front of the pillow.

She chose chocolate brown for the back. She's doing such a nice job with her pillows. She and her mom are going to make a pink and brown polar fleece blanket to go with the pillow. I'm sure there will be interested bidders!

Bella has also been experimenting with fabric scraps. This is her own design, and she has decided that she would like to teach her pattern to her sewing classmates.

Mom loves red, and I made these two pin cushions with her in mind. If Mom wants two, she gets two! That's just the kind of daughter I am. ;-)

So, the above was supposed to be yesterday's post. I guess this is a twofer day!

I was up at 4:30 this morning, so I had plenty of time for weaving and tatting before school. I've decided to weave a 4" square and then a 2" square... keep it equal, ya know! I now have 21 of each size woven. I have a feeling Mom may tell me to keep some of them. With the two of us weaving, she could wind up with more than she can use. You can have as many as you want, Mom!

I'm making pretty good progress with my Raspberry Pink Med Spinning Wheel. I'm still lovin' the size 80 thread!


  1. Okay, I wouldn't mind if Bella taught me to sew ! She's a quick learner & love how she is already creating and experimenting and such neat work . Great job all around :-)

  2. I love, love, love the red and black pin cushions!

  3. Our internet is has been intermittent lately too. In fact, this is the second time I'm writing this. Dave has my sympathy! Bella is doing so well with her sewing. She has a good teacher, obviously ;-) The pink is delicious!

  4. Our internet is not too bad, I can't complain really it has its off days like everything else, it's the cost that Vernon complains about.
    I love your red cushions, the pink and chocolate is fabulous, the latest spinning wheel is gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing the weaving flowers when they are made.
    Hope you have another good day

  5. Fabulous projects and colors!!! :) I needed to see all the colors cuz' it's awful gray here today!!

  6. You have the best teaching situation now, except for having to get up at 4:30!

    Bella is really moving along - she is so enthusiastic and talented and no doubt will be a teacher, herself.

    Those woven squares look like fun to make, and you chose excellent fabrics for the pin cushions.


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