Thursday, October 27, 2016

Debbie made me do it!

My friend Debbie saw my post on Facebook about my Sky Blue Dark Spinning Wheel, and she told me it needed a red C in the center. I think she was right. Now I think I will need to figure out a Cubs doily... just in case they win the World Series!


  1. Lovely 'C' but it would've been easier if you'd used split rings!!! 😀👍. You can find me hiding under the keyboard waiting for you to throw things at me!!!!!

    1. Haha! I was actually looking for a split ring alphabet (I know I have one hidden somewhere), but I came across this one first. I did work on my split rings one day since returning from Tat Days. I did fine on the first one, messed up the second one, then set it aside to work on a Spinning Wheel. You know how I am about Spinning Wheels!

  2. Aren't you a smarty pants :) looks really good :)

  3. Looks wonderful, Diane, but if you want to practice those split rings you could change all of the center rings of the mat into a round of split rings. Finish off the red rings when you have enough for your 'C' and switch to blue thread. Then you would join into a split ring at the center each time rather than tatting the center rings as you go. I'm going to hide behind Jane if you start throwing things as she brought them up first. ;)

  4. The "C" looks OK to me ,
    Your spinning wheel looks beautiful not sure who the Cubs are and what World Series you are taking about, but it looks look to me


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