Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My second shuttle case

About two and a half years after Dad built my shuttle display case, my sister Janet decided I needed more shuttle storage. We found this little chest at a nearby antique mall. It was in very good condition and just needed a little furniture polish and some felt in the drawers.

Jan Stawasz and Shuttle Brothers shuttles fill this drawer.

Here are some English and German Aero shuttles, Silent Tatters, miscellaneous bobbin shuttles and a couple of eBay finds.

I have more Chris Hinton shuttles than will fit in one drawer. I may find a few more as I continue organizing around the house!

What would life be without ceramic shuttles from LadyShuttleMaker Sherry Pence?

Some of them make little musical sound as the thread passes through the tips.

More LadyShuttleMaker shuttles and Chris Hinton shuttles fill this drawer. I love my Diane shuttles (the cobalt blue ones), and I absolutely adore my giant shuttle!

I don't remember if these are all Peter Cua shuttles, but they are all special!

At the top are there Diana Andra shuttles. I wish I had more of them!

So, that's display case number 2. Yes, there are more!

Yesterday's shuttle count... 116! Any guesses on how many are in today's post?


  1. So glad to finally see your shuttle collection Diane! I didn't realize how many were in your last post. I'm eager to see your next round of photos, you have a very impressive collection!

  2. Oh there are many lovely shuttles shown, I guess 140 in this post. That is a lovely antique chest just waiting for you to come by and give it a shine. And fill with shuttles too. :)

  3. So enjoy seeing your collection. A few years back I shared several of my tatting "scraps" with Sherry, LadyShuttleMaker, to use in shuttle making. I wonder if you have any designs from my tatting.

  4. Jestem oczarowana Twa kolekcją czółenek.

  5. Oh wow! And there are more!!??? Thank you very much for showing us your unique collection!

  6. Wow what a collection, I never realised there was so many different types in the world, My lilliput cottage collection won't be growing any more as they have given up production so perhaps I can start a collection of shuttles in future.
    Do you know how many you actually have?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous shuttles!!! :)

  8. They're organized so nicely, too!

    (Librarians really dig being organized!)

  9. Your wooden case is perfect for more shuttles to be housed and treasured. I love your collection!

  10. I'm commenting here, too, so that you know I've seen both posts. And I do know that many more shuttles are not shown! The drawers and cabinet are so very special!

  11. Love how your family has thoughtfully contributed to your addict....errrr collection ! I scrolled through with mouth agape, eyes ogling !!!!

  12. So jealous of your beautiful shuttle collection! Does Chris Hinton still make shuttles? And I love my Sherry Pence shuttles.


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