Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I did it again!

I forgot to take pictures, and my sewing students made the cutest pillows today. Bella made a pillow for her grandmother with blue roses on the front and a black print with pink roses on the back. Nadia made a pillow for her bedroom, green with colorful circle designs on the front and solid purple on the back. Riley had a zebra print for the front of her pillow and a raspberry leopard print for the back. They all turned out so cute, and the girls' smiles were from ear to ear!

A few weeks ago, Dave and I visited our friends Gus and Irene. Irene's mother, Maria, was visiting as well. While Dave and Gus worked on digging a sandpoint well, Maria and I sat and talked about crocheting, tatting, yarns, and threads. I put together some samples of Lizbeth thread and yarn from Hobby Lobby and passed them on to Maria. As a thank you, Maria sent some of her beautiful work home with Dave today.

Maria is one of those very talented people who can look at a crocheted piece and recreate it. I admired Irene's table runner, and Maria crocheted one for me!

Maria also knit this beautiful hat for me. I'm all set for winter!

I've been tatting while watching the Cubs play in the World Series. I'm not a big sports fan, but I've always enjoyed watching the Cubs. I can't remember players' names. I don't understand stats. I just like watching baseball. I think that's because I used to watch the Philadelphia Phillies with my Great-grandma Morris when I was a little girl. I think it's kind of cool that the color I chose is Cubby blue! It was purely accidental. I just grabbed a ball of thread from my apothecary jar, and this is the color that came out. I wonder if that's a sign? ;-)


  1. Did they win? Beautiful gifts, they'll be a reminder of what sounds like an interesting conversation.

    1. Sadly, they lost 6-0. Our pitcher seemed a little on edge the first inning. They're pitcher was cool, calm, and collected his whole time up. There were some exciting plays by both sides! I know I'm going to need a nap today, because I was up way past my bedtime.

  2. I'm not generally a Cubs fan, but I hope they win! (My team was dreadful this year.)

    Gosh that crocheted runner is gorgeous!

    Go Cubs! Do better in the next game!

  3. Beautiful items!! :)
    Your glass mat is coming along beautifully!!! :)

  4. How wonderful to meet Maria and share your mutual love of handwork. Your gifts from Maria are truly beautiful. Go Cubby Blue...


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