Sunday, October 2, 2016

Squares for Mom

Mom has been making flowers on her Zoom Loom, and she has inspired me to pull out my Weavette. Mom weaves plain 4" squares and turns them in to flowers that she passes out to residents in her retirement village. I have quite a few balls of yarn left over from projects, so I offered to make some squares for her. It's a great way to use up scraps of yarn!

While working on reorganizing all the stuff from my sewing room, I found some quilt squares left over from the quilt I made five years ago. Since I had pillow forms on hand, it seemed logical to make some throw pillows to go with my quilt. I have one sure left. I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with it!

I was able to take some tatting time for myself today. With any luck, I'll finish this Spinning Wheel tomorrow.

Rita Richmond has stocked her shop, Shuttle by Design, with acrylic shuttles! She's offering one color and two color shuttles, and acrylic shuttles with designs will be coming soon. I love these shuttles!


  1. Love the flower idea !!! And they can be sewn together to create a textural fabric too.
    Your quilt squares & wheel are great - such neat work. Love the blue shade with matching shuttle

  2. How very sweet of your mom too create flowers and hand them out to her friends. Finding treasures in sorting/reorganizing a room is always fun and one can never have too many pillows. BLUEtiful shuttle and Spinning Wheel.

  3. Love your mums flower idea, I am sure they will look beautiful
    Nice to discover fabric and then make cushions for your throw, which will look lovely together.
    Is this the first spinning he wheel of the month, lovely colour, I did look at those gorgeous shuttles, but the pound has gone down against the dollar so I will have to see how much they work cost wise now and think about it.
    Have a good day

  4. Those flowers must brighten the recipient's day. Your quilt pillows so much neater than mine - I see how it should be done!Good to use the squares up, the pillows are lovely.

  5. Love your squares and the flower!! :)
    I love your quilt square pillows!!! And I have a suggestion for the last one. I think you could finish off the edges add a tatted edging and use it like a quilt square doily! :)
    The color of your glass mat is awesome!!!! :)


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