Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ta da!

I love the way this little Spinning Wheel turned out! It's really too small to be a glass mat (coaster) at a mere 3 1/2". I think this may be my new favorite shade of blue!

I finished some more squares for Mom today. They're made on a 4" pin loom, and the finished size is about 3 3/4".

Mom was busy weaving squares on her new 2" loom, so I decided to give mine a try tonight. It's funny, but the 2" loom produces a 2" square. I'm guessing there's less tension with the 2" size, allowing the yarn to maintain the size.

So why the two different sizes?

Mom is making two layer flowers! Isn't this adorable? I stole this picture from her Facebook post. I sure hope she's okay with me sharing. ;-)


  1. I love them all! I collect little vases and little glass mat would look great with one of them:) you moms flowers are very cute brooches am sure many other things too!

  2. Pretty flower. Your mum's on Facebook? Need to look to see what else she gets up to! Does she tat too?

  3. Lovely, lovely, blue! The flower is adorable!

  4. Beautiful flower, we won't tell her if you don't, that you pinched the picture.
    Gorgeous spinning wheel that must be one of the smallest you have made. Love love the colour

  5. I love that glass mat, and the color is awesome!!!! :)
    Great squares and I love that flower!! :)

  6. I am swooning over that gorgeous Blue Spinning Wheel. How fun to be making those woven double flowers for your mom.

  7. Wonderful shade of blue indeed! I like the double flower, great idea.


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