Sunday, August 20, 2017

Back to Ice Drops

I've been concentrating on my Hanging Garden doily for the past few days, and I've neglected my Ice Drops. So today I neglected the doily and worked on Ice Drops!

I stuck to the basic pattern so that I could finish more. These are done with size 20 Lizbeth #131, Vinyard Harvest.

I'm planning on taking them to our Christmas in the Village in December.

I plan on having three trees on my table filled with Ice Drops. The rest will be in little baggies so that people can see the variety of colors.

I think I may switch to white so that I can tat ones that look more like snowflakes. It sure has been a year for Ice Drops!


  1. Great! At the tiniest craft fair ever last Thursday, my daughter took my ice drops and sold 2 for $10 each! I was Stunned!

  2. They are all wonderful!!! :) I hope we get to see your display of them all!!!

    1. Oh, could you do me a favor and ask Denise if she could try and remember and get a picture(or several) of the Ice Drop Christmas tree when she is done? People have said they hope to get to see it, and I think that would be great to see!! :)

  3. Sometimes the ribbon selection changes the whole look of the Ice Drop, wouldn't you agree? I'm still not very good at them but haven't practiced much. I got the 'Ice Rock' done and didn't trust the nylon carpet thread I tatted with. I glued the rock to the back motif and it feels more secure now.

    I would love to see Denise's Ice Drop tree also. There are so many lovely choices to see!



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