Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Feelin' blue

I started off the day feeling blue...

Caribbean blue! I kind of like the pink glass gem, and the pink ribbon seemed to be the perfect touch.

I did some band weaving on my new mini loom. I made a mistake on the first pattern repeat, but I decided to let it be and keep going. So far my tension is good, so maybe I'm finally catching on!

I was inspired to pull my Korean tatting book, Tatting lace with your life, off the shelf when I read Jeff's post this morning. I do like this book, and I haven't done anything from it in a while.

So today I started the Hanging Garden doily. This is the first round, and it's the most complicated round. It won't be a huge doily. It's only four rounds, and the other three rounds are not as deep. Right now, this piece is about 3 1/4" across. I'm guessing it will be about 6" when it's finished. We'll see if I'm right!


  1. I'm envious. I ordered my loom today. Can't wait. Love the ice drop.

  2. Your weaving looks nice and of course the ice drops too. Loving the doily.

  3. Beautiful with those threads together, that's a lovely pretty pattern, I don't have that book it's going on my wish list.


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