Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse

I did not go outside to try and view the solar eclipse today. I didn't have the glasses, and I didn't have the materials to make a viewing device. So, I watched it on t.v.

Besides, staying inside and watching t.v. allowed me to keep tatting!

I finished my Hanging Garden doily from  Tatting lace with your life. The rings are in Lizbeth Green Coral Sea, and the chains are in Azalea Lt. As you may recall, I guessed that the finished size would be about 6". Wrong! In size 20 thread it measures 8 1/2".

I managed to tat another Ice Drop in Vinyard Harvest. It's a bit darker than I like, but I think it's a pretty good combination for heading into fall. 


  1. The doily is so very beautiful!!!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!! :)

  2. Very pretty doily !
    I prefer watching many such events on the tele coz one has a much better view without the hassle ; and like you said - with tatting alongside :-D

  3. Beautiful doily and also all the ice drops with the Lizbeth n131, one of my fav threads.

  4. Your Hanging Garden is lovely! I like the thread colours. We had a total eclipse in 2002. I was just outside the absolute zone, but it was still amazing.

  5. Beautiful doily, I love those colours together.
    Beautiful ice drop

  6. The doily turned out great. I'll have to give that pattern a go sometime. I was able to see the partial eclipse where I am, but I didn't get much tatting done, as I kept running in and out of the house all morning.


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