Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shopping day!

Denise asked if I wanted to go shopping and out to lunch yesterday, and I said yes! We each needed one item. I needed ink for my printer. Denise was looking for a suitcase. Needless to say, we each returned home with many more bargains than we had planned for. 😁

For lunch, we went to a little place called Blue's Cafe in Kankakee. We each ordered one of the lunch specials, a half pound bacon cheddar burger with onion rings. Oh, my! We cleaned our plates and took pie home for later. I was so full, I couldn't eat dinner. Luckily, I had planned on a pot of chili for dinner, so Dave was able to chow down without me.

I managed to get all my purchases put away and start my pot of chili before Bella arrived. She was eager to start weaving, and I think she made great progress! Yes, there were a few hiccups, but isn't that how we learn?

I started another Ice Drop last night. This is my Purple Fudge pattern, using Jelly Bean. I'm not very good at choosing names, so Purple Fudge was named for the color gem stone and the thread color I used in the first one. It does seem like a silly name with all of these bright colors!

Here's a copy of my pattern, if you'd like to give it a try. For the one I tatted in Jelly Bean, I changed to order of rounds by tatting round 1, then 3, and finishing up with round 2. Changing it this way allowed me to give the back a shot of steam to make it lie nicely. Isn't it cheerful?

Purple Fudge Ice Drop
Diane Cademartori ( February 22, 2017
Size 20 Lizbeth #697, Fudge Dark

Round 1:
  •  Ring: 4-4-4-4, reverse work.
  •  Chain: 7-7, reverse work.
  •  Repeat for a total of 6 rings and 6 chains.
  •  Join last chain to base of first ring with a lock join, reverse work.

    Round 2:
  •  Ring: 6-6-6. Fold ring away from you, toward center of first round.
  •  Chain: 8. Lock join to base of ring from first round.
  •  Repeat for a total of 6 rings and 6 chains, joining rings as you go. Note: insert
  •  glass gem before joining last ring to first ring.

    Round 3:
  •  Chain: 7, reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6+6, joining to picot of round 1 chain, reverse work.
  •  Chain: 9, reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6+6, joining to same picot of round 1 chain, shoelace trick.
  •  Ring: 6-6, shoelace trick. Lock join to base of previous ring.
  •  Chain: 9, reverse work.
  •  Ring: 6+6, joining to same picot of round 1 chain, reverse work.
  •  Chain: 7. Lock join to base of ring in first round.
  •  Continue in this manner for a total of 6 pattern repeats. Cut, tie, hide ends.


  1. Well done Bella! It's fun to go shopping with a friend. I enjoyed shopping on my recent trip. I'm a hopeless shopper by myself. Thanks for the pattern, I'm going to try ice drops one day.

    1. I'm not fond of shopping, but I do enjoy going out with friends!

  2. Your young weaver seems to be doing well!!! :)
    Great Ice Drop!!! :)

    1. She's having fun! Now I just need to get her started with tatting!

  3. It is fun to call it purple fudge though. Why do you do the shoelace trick? Is it one shuttle and a ball?

    1. Yes, I did this one shuttle and ball. I really don't like using shoelace trick, because I think it sticks out like a sore thumb. I think my next one will be done with two shuttles!

  4. Beautiful ice drop, when you designed tge pattern it was a great name, still is, so never mind the colours your using please stick with the name.
    Glad you had a great day out, we all need to have one occasionly,


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