Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hydrangea Doily

It all started with one little motif from New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto. A nice simple tat was just what I needed to start my day. Then I got distracted.

Yes, I have another new little loom. I just had to play with it! A few weeks ago, I contacted Gene Marino of Hard Maple Looms with some ideas for a mini loom, and Gene came through!

Before warping the loom, I did some more reading and watched some more videos so that I could perfect my weaving. I guess time will tell if I learned anything!

Remember that little flower motif? I could stop at just one, so I tatted the Hydrangea Doily in New Tatting.

Hmmm... I guess I should block it!


  1. It's a cutie! I might have to find my loom because you've inspired me to try again.


    1. I'm having fun weaving, but I am having a hard time with consistency. Luckily, I have enough crochet cotton and perle cotton to keep me weaving for a long, long time!

  2. Amazing to put your own 'stamp' on a loom! You have such a passion for weaving, I'm sure it will work out! And did you really tat this cute mat today, with all those other activities? I love the combination of soft-color threads and the variegated flowers.

  3. The loom is intriguing! I love that Hydrangea Doily - it's a relaxing tat. And again, I love putting the colors together 😊

  4. I love the doily and I plan to order the loom today. Hard to keep up with you.

  5. Love the little doily, of course you could stop at one motif you had to do more, love the colour

  6. Not a huge fan of pink, but your doily does look pretty :-)

  7. Very pretty motif!! :)
    Looks like a great start to a new band!! :)

  8. I'm envious. I ordered my loom today. Can't wait. Love the ice drop.


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