Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fun on the tollway

Tollway Tatters had a wonderful time today!

Ana was working on her very first Ice Drop.

She worked with a red glass gem and white thread from one of the goody bags that Denise passed out to us.

Barbara also worked on her first Ice Drop today.

She used a beautiful blue bead. She's hoping she has another at home, because she feels that a darker blue thread would have set off the look of the bead better.

Sue was the teacher of the day! She graciously worked with Ana and Barbara on their Ice Drops. Sue made one also, but somehow I didn't get a picture of it. The box of red and white Ice Drops is the set that Sue has been working on over the past several weeks. They'll go on the Christmas tree that Denise is setting up as a library fund raiser.

Mary was our only needle tatter today.

 Her needle tatting is beautiful, but we're still trying to talk her into giving shuttle tatting a try!

Denise decided to match her thread and top today... just kidding... it wasn't done on purpose! ...or was it? 😏

Denise worked on flowers for one of the classes she's signed up for at Palmetto Tat Days.

Sue Anna is the one who got us all going with tie-dye t-shirts.

I'm afraid I've forgotten what she was working on, but I know she is the biggest fan of Marilee's patterns!

Marilee was sporting a beautiful necklace from her second Craftsy class. She also had on very pretty earrings.

Marilee worked on this technique from a Japanese book. I have the book, but I'm too lazy to go check out the title!

I worked on my Hanging Garden doily, but I'm not quite finished... maybe tomorrow!

Sue's husband Richard was kind enough to take a group picture, not an easy task since we're all so easily distracted!


  1. Looks like everyone was having fun.

  2. Your Ice Drops are very popular Diane! I saw one today at the Prince William County Fair (in Virginia).

  3. It was an awesome time!!! :) And don't feel bad, I didn't even get a picture of the Ice Drop I tatted! ;) It was the perfect get-away for us!! :)
    See you all again when it's possible!! :)

  4. Still envious of you all for making the effort to get together so often. You all look like happy tatters.

    1. We try not to stress out about planning. Sue Anna and I figure out when we can get together, and then we invite everyone. It works out pretty well!

  5. Love the way you are so dedicated to tatting that everyone is prepared to travel long distances to be together. Then we also have the joy have seeing what you are doing .

    1. I think Sue has the longest trip. Her husband drives her and then heads off to Cabela's (a store for outdoorsmen). It's a win/win situation!

  6. It's wonderful that you get to meet and tat together, thanks for your beautiful pictures!

    1. We always have so much fun, and we usually have many people at least giving sideways glances to see what we're doing!

  7. Looks like you had a great day, lovely picture of you all

  8. They are all wonderful!!! :) I hope we get to see your display of them all!!!


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