Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Taking a day off

I took a day off from tatting yesterday. I did a little weaving, a little reading, and a little organizing. I also looked at some of my tatting books, but I just never got around to tatting.

Today I meant to tat several Ice Drops, but I only managed to tat one in Lizbeth #119, Jelly Bean.

I spent quite a bit of time getting myself organized for Palmetto Tat Days. I think I'm all set for my classes now. Shuttles are wound with thread. I have baggies with information for each of the classes I'm taking. I even managed to find my denim shirt that I purchased last year. I think I'm ready for some tatting fun!


  1. Another tatting gathering - fun! Have a wonderful time. Way more fun than organizing :)

  2. How exciting to be preparing for Palmetto! Sounds as though you're all set.

  3. Great Ice Drop!! :)
    Good thing you got organized!! It will be here before you know it!!! ;)


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