Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lazy days

I've been very lazy this week. I've done what needs to be done around the house, but nothing extra. I've enjoyed every moment of being a slug!

I did manage to tat another Ice Drop today, still working with Jelly Bean.

My main focus this week has been reading Ross Poldark by Winston Graham. I finished it after cleaning up the kitchen tonight, and I'm ready to start the next novel in the series. Tomorrow is laundry day, so maybe I'll do some reading between switching laundry loads!


  1. Sounds like a fairly restful day!! :)

  2. I picked up my shuttles after 3 or 4 days last evening ;-P Enjoy

  3. Poldark has been on the BBC (British television). I don't know if you can find the series to watch but they have made and just finished the third series on the TV. I have one more episode to watch, we really enjoy Poldark. Some of the third series was actually filmed in Wells which is the smallest city in England and onky a few miles away from us. Next times I go to Wells I will take some photos for you to see. Hope you enjoy the book.
    None of your days are lazy you pack a lot into your day.

  4. I too watched the bbc show and liked it I cant believe all the things you get done and then you read too, you are incredible person, I look up too!


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