Saturday, November 30, 2019

Christmas Green Mix

Another Thanksgiving is behind us. We had a wonderful time together, and of course we ate way too much food!

Now it's time to decorate for Christmas! Dave has worked on decorating the outside of the house for a few weeks, but the lights didn't go on until Thanksgiving night. He went way overboard this year, and I'm eager for him to take a picture so that we can remember what he did. It won't happen tonight. It's windy, wet, and cold outside... not good weather for taking pictures.

We've started on the inside of the house. With everyone coming here for Christmas, Dave is on a mission to make everything extra bright and beautiful. My husband is crazy for Christmas!

Even with all of the activity of the past few days, I've found time to tat two more Frivolity Ice Drops in size 20 Lizbeth #152, Christmas Green Mix.

It's been kind of fun tatting in groups of three. I nearly have enough for what I want to give as Christmas presents. I may even have time to tat a few for my own tree!


  1. I hope you will take a photo. Sounds as though the decorations are bright enough to combat the weather. I do like the Christmas green mix.

  2. Great Ice Drops!! :)
    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving, even if you did eat too much!! ;)


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