Monday, November 9, 2020

Keepin' busy

We had a very busy weekend! On Saturday Mom and I went shopping for Christmas fabric with daughter Carol. While we were out having fun, Dave took advantage of the warm weather and started putting up outdoor Christmas decorations. The lights won't go on until after Thanksgiving, but it's nice to get a head start before the weather turns cold!

My brother came to visit on Sunday morning. After he left, Mom and I got busy knitting. My second border is coming along nicely. Mom is almost finished with her third panel. Mom was right... the second time around is much easier!

I now have another cross bookmark ready for Christmas gift giving. This is "Camilla" from Tatted Bookmarks ~ cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. This one was a challenge for me. I think it's beautiful!


  1. Beautiful work and cross!!! :)
    Glad to hear you are getting out, just don't over do it!! ;)

    1. I'm still the Queen of Laziness! While we did go shopping, we were only in the store for about 15 minutes. I am not an all day shopper!

  2. Shopping? What's that? Only online now for me unless it's a food shop as the rest are all locked down again. Love that blue. I don't think I've got that book as I don't often feel the 'need' to make a cross!


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