Sunday, December 3, 2023

An exciting Saturday!


Saturday was spent finishing gnomes that I had cranked out earlier in the week.

Dave didn't care for this one. I think he's adorable! I do need to play around with his beard a little, though.

Green is not a typical color for a beard, but I figure there must be some gnomes somewhere that have gotten a bit mossy from spending so much time outside.

I may have to go buy another skein of white yarn. It's perfect for Santa beards.

As for the excitement, my Erlbacher sock machine arrived Friday night! It was after 6 and quite dark when our UPS driver arrived. I felt bad for him. He still had 30 more stops! Another UPS driver showed up to help him out. It was too dark for me to work on something as important as my sock machine, so I patiently waited until we had some daylight on Saturday morning.

I haven't been this nervously excited about something since I received my Saori loom back in 2014! I was so afraid I was going to break something. I watched and rewatched videos for every step of the way. I started about 9 in the morning, and I think I didn't finish setting it up until around 3 in the afternoon. No, it was not difficult. I was just very concerned that I was going to break something before I ever tried it out! 

I'd like to use it in our sun room, which is quite crowded right now. Mom and I have been having so much fun cranking on our Addi and Sentro machines, it looks like a knitting workshop out there! I think I have the perfect spot for my sock machine, but I'll need to put a few things away today. I also need Dave to find a board to level the table since our sun room floor slopes away from the house (it was originally our back deck). 

I know I'll be watching lots of videos today. Who knows? Maybe I'll even manage to crank something on my new sock machine!


  1. Complimenti innanzitutto per gli gnomi perché sono favolosi.
    La tua nuova macchina è bellissima, pensavo di prenderla anche io, fammi sapere come ti trovi ad usarla.

  2. Very exciting! I look forward to seeing what comes from your new machine. Maybe the green bearded fellow is really a leprechaun?

  3. Socks are always a reason for excitement! Enjoy your new machine!


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