Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Thanks for the input, dear friends! After looking at the pattern again, I've decided that it really doesn't matter where I start round 10. The number of motifs in this round doesn't match the large motifs in the earlier round, so I can't see that it makes any difference where round 10 begins.

I kind of like that I will have to rounds finished when I've completed these motifs, but something looked off.

Oops! I joined the first ring of round 11 in the wrong place! I'm not going to fix it now. I'm going to work on the next round 10 & 11 motif so that I can see how it looks. I may even work all the way around before fixing this.

I wonder if my brain is just weary from all the end of the year activities at school? It seems like a good excuse to me!


  1. How exciting this looks great, and makes me want to pick mine up again :)

  2. Glad you got useful feedback. A shame about the mistake, but I think it's a good idea to go on regardless. That's the advantage of working motifs rather than rounds.

  3. So delicate, lacy and beautifully done even with a mistake.

  4. If I had a nickle for every tatted boo-boo, I would be writing from you from a tropical island!
    It looks great!

  5. Glad you got the answer you needed, looking lovely


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